Food, glorious food! Divine Desserts at durham Cathedral

We asked Faye, a member of cathedral staff, for her thoughts on the last Divine Desserts dining event at the cathedral’s Undercroft Restaurant.

Divine Desserts was a spectacle in every way; everyone was gathered together for the same reason – to taste and appreciate the wonderful food on offer from the team of very talented chefs at the Undercroft Restaurant. The atmosphere was buzzing from the very beginning, which was followed by an excited and almost reverent hush as the food was brought out. For main course I had the ‘chargrilled pesto halloumi steak with autumn ratatouille and lemon beurre blanc’; every mouthful was absolutely delicious and was polished off in no time!

Guests are welcomed at the beginning of the evening

The presentation was superb, and there were a number of obligatory photographs taken of the plates before my fellow diners tucked in. I noticed people looking up and down the table to make sure they weren’t tucking in with so much gusto that they finished in record time, miles ahead of everyone else, but we couldn’t hide our enthusiasm! Dining on long tables meant that there was a wonderful communal appreciation of the evening, and it was very easy to strike up conversation with people who had been strangers only hours earlier; before long, laughter could be heard ringing out.

The queue for pudding!

When the time came for the puddings, we all waited in line with baited breath for the treacle tart, posset, cruble, torte and Eve’s pudding – entirely guilt free! I tried all of the puddings; each and every one was a complete delight. You could either make repeat visits to the counter, or ask for all the puddings to be put on one plate – which meant there were some rather surprised faces when I returned to my table with a rather large plate full of pudding! Conversation and laughter flowed easily whilst we all compared our favourite desserts and astonished each other with how much dessert a human can eat.

The selection of scrumptious desserts

I would wholeheartedly recommend Divine Desserts to anyone who appreciates good food, good company and a good time. Just don’t be surprised if you hear a few voices say at the end of the evening ‘please sir, I want some more!’.

The next Divine Desserts is this Friday 11 October at 6.30pm. Tickets are £25 and can be booked online – but hurry, booking closes at 11am on Wednesday 9 October:

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