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mahalha’s journey as a priest in training

For the last four years two ordinands, that is trainee priests, have undertaken a week long work placement with the Marketing and Events Team at Durham Cathedral. Their vocational training is at Cranmer Hall, the Theology College at St John’s College, Durham University. 

The placement happens immediately after a communications conference organised by CODEC, the Research Centre for Digital Theology at St John’s College, led by the Rev Dr Pete Phillips. It explores the impact of digital culture, especially on faith and community communication in the life of the contemporary Church.

One of this year’s placements at the Cathedral is Mahalha Wachepa, originally from Malawi.  Mahalha moved to the UK in 2002.

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Canon Rosalind Brown Retires


Canon Rosalind Brown, Nave Canon and Canon Librarian of Durham Cathedral, is retiring.  She has been at Durham Cathedral for the last 13 years.  Her final Sunday at the Cathedral as a member of its Chapter is Sunday 8 July. She has answered some questions about her ministry at Durham Cathedral and her plans for the future.

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