Opening the Door on Open Treasure

Durham Cathedral is being transformed. As our major development project Open Treasure unfolds, we are approaching a new era in the life of Durham Cathedral, an era which will focus on the interpretation of this ancient building and its preservation for future generations.

As the title suggests, ‘Open Treasure’ is about openness.  The current phase of the project will open doors to previously hidden spaces within the Cathedral, resulting in greater access to medieval buildings and the outstanding collections that Durham Cathedral has acquired over the centuries.

In a more symbolic sense, ‘Open Treasure’ will open hearts and minds to the wonders of this magnificent Cathedral and the wonderful community of Durham in which it lies.

We aspire to welcome people of all ages and faiths to learn about the Cathedral, to enjoy it and to be inspired by this fabulous place.

We want all our visitors not simply to appreciate our treasures but to glimpse the ‘treasure’ of this Cathedral in its deepest sense: its community of faith down the ages and in the present, and the gospel to which this place has borne witness for more than a millennium.

As I write, contractors are on site and the hugely complex task of transforming breathtaking medieval buildings into exhibition spaces has begun. Life around the Cathedral will not be normal for some time, but at the end of it, we shall have facilities to be truly proud of, and second to none among cathedrals.

Thank you for your generous support for this great project. We are still fundraising! Please continue to help, and encourage others to do the same at

Michael Sadgrove, Dean of Durham

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